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Many of you have questioned why your Outlook Contacts aren’t syncing with your Apptivo Contacts even after installing G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook. Unfortunately, Outlook does not allow the ability for Outlook contacts to sync into a specific Google group. In order for your contacts to sync with Apptivo, they must be added to both My Contacts and Apptivo Contacts groups.

Thus, in order to get your Outlook contacts syncing with Apptivo, you will have to go into Google Contacts to manually add your contacts into the Apptivo Contacts group. In the right column, you will see which groups your contacts are already in. If they’re not in Apptivo Contacts, they will not sync with Apptivo or your company. Adding a contact to a group is simple by following the below steps.

  1. Select the contacts in which you would like synced.
  2. Click the Groups button 
  3. Select the Apptivo Contacts group to add the contacts to that group.

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