Are you ready for the next generation of integrated online project management? Last night we unleashed Projects App V5.0, which includes a ton of great new enhancements. Below we’ll provide a high level breakdown of every change involved, and show you the steps to follow to upgrade your existing projects to use task dependencies. Stay tuned for more details and videos on the new app over the next few days.

Key improvements to project management

Although we’ve made a ton of new enhancements to improve the app, there are a few improvements that are especially significant. Check out the video below for a 6 minute runthrough of the key features:

Projects V5 online webinar

We’ll be running a free online presentation of the new Projects App where we highlight the new features listed above, and demonstrate the basics of configuring your existing projects to use the new scheduling system.

UPDATE: Webinar recording now available: Projects V5 Webinar

In case you cannot make the webinar, we’ll record it and update this post with the video afterwards.

Common V5 enhancements applied to Projects V5

New customization options

  • Change the columns displayed in your search results, creating your own custom dashboards.
  • Customize the quick links in left column
  • Change the default project homepage from news feed, to one of your views (ex. High priority projects)
  • Remove, re-arrange, and restrict access to left column navigation items
  • Enable/Disable conversion flows to timesheet & invoice
  • Designate project statuses as inactive, so they are hidden from search results

Improving the way you locate, view, and update projects

  • Side-panel allows you to edit project details, or add tasks/notes/etc directly from search results
  • Much improved interface to make viewing, creating, and editing milestones/tasks much easier.
  • Categorize & filter your projects using tags
  • Left column views like “Complete Projects” will display the number of records
  • Change field values for any project via bulk actions
  • Export a list of projects using bulk actions
  • Added 3 new billing reports to track the hours logged for a project, or by an employee
  • Set popup reminders for any task, event, or follow up added to a project
  • All common collaboration features (calendar, call log, email, notes, etc) have been updated with the new design
  • When converting an opportunity or estimate into a project, you can now create from an existing project template

Security improvements

    Secure custom fields to be visible only to certain employees
  • Disable or restrict access to collaboration features like call logs, follow ups, news feed, notes, etc.
  • Disable or restrict access to certain reports

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