On February 04, 2017 we released an update to all Apptivo customers, where you’ll find a complete list of changes below. The key changes in this update include:

  • Trigger functionality – Email to Case
  • Sales stage activities
  • Projects app 360 degree view
  • Kit Work Orders app upgraded to Version 6
  • Insurance Tracker app upgraded to Version 6
  • Holidays app upgraded to Version 6

Complete Release Notes by App

CRM Updates:

Cases – We have added the trigger functionality into Email to Case. The “Email To Case” feature enables you to collect cases through emails once authenticated. According to your requirements you can create triggers to perform automated actions like triggering an email based on a particular criteria. Once the condition gets satisfied, an email will be triggered accordingly.


Opportunities – We have updated the below features in sales stage activities dashboard.

  1. Quick Create Activities – The activities like events, tasks, calls, followups, emails, and notes can be created effortlessly with the sales stage activity dashboard.
  2. quick-create-activites
  3. Quick View – Updation and deletion activities are tracked easily in this dashboard.
  4. quick-view-sales-stages
  5. In activity dashboard, the user can configure the email and can decide the from and to address of the email with activity template.
  6. Users are allowed to select the attendees in the activity template.
  7. Colour changes for scheduling activities and it acts whenever the status is changed.

Project Management Updates:

Projects – We have added Opportunities, Timesheets, Expense Reports & Estimates under the 360 degree view in the Projects App. You can view every different object in Apptivo apps, that are related to the project you are looking at. It is already associated with the below apps: Cases, Customers, Contacts, and Invoices


Financials & Human Resource Management Updates:

  1. Kit Work Orders – Kit Work Orders app switched to V6
  2. Insurance Tracker – Insurance Tracker app switched to V6
  3. Holidays – Holidays app switched to V6

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