Release Notes

Our commitment to delivering top-notch software is unwavering. We understand that every piece of code can have its quirks, and we’re dedicated to continuously enhancing your experience. That’s why we’re excited to share our latest round of bug fixes with you.

Case Extended App

  • The custom Function Date field doesn’t populate when the “Display As” Type is set to “Years Months”.

  • When opting to convert to another Case Extended app, the “Create” button remains unresponsive even after completing the mapping of all fields.

Call Log

  • Call logs are associated with multiple contacts when calls are made through Asterisk.

Contacts App

  • During the Conversion process, When converting a contact record to an opportunity, the market field fails to populate with values if it already contains one, but it functions correctly when the field is initially empty.

Customers App

  • Standard Notes report in Customer App experiences two issues: Incorrect filter functionality, and clicking on notes doesn’t open the notes overview in the side panel for the chosen record.

  • Exported records don’t match advanced search results in the Customers app in both XLSX and CSV formats when using the “Sales Rep” attribute as the search criterion.

  • The last Contact Date is not captured when automated emails are sent in the Customer app.

  • When exporting customer data that includes a Text attribute containing numeric values, these values are being rounded in the export sheet, resulting in incorrect report exporting.


  • In the Event calendar view, an additional word “Event” appears on the title card with the Event name. A similar issue has been encountered with Tasks and Follow-ups.

Expense Reports

  • Expense Reports consistently revert to the base currency despite enabling Automatic Conversion in settings, failing to retain the selected currency.

Leads App

  • Event-based triggers are currently causing multiple emails to be sent repeatedly when the trigger criteria are met, especially when the “Assigned To” attribute is set to “not empty” on updates action.

  • Within the Intelligence dashboard, the values displayed in the chart do not correspond to the total count of search results.

Mobile App

  • When creating an event in the mobile app, reference fields do not populate as expected.

Orders App

  • The currency symbol is visible upon hovering over a numerical attribute within a column chart.

Purchase Order App

  • The “Preferable Font” Option is not available for the item description field in the Print/Web layout configuration.


  • When creating a task and associating it with a contact, the mandatory reference app fields for the contact are auto-populated, yet an error message is displayed, prompting the need to fill these mandatory fields.

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