Hello there! This week was a big week for CRM, including an overhaul of the contacts, leads, and customers applications. Along with this, we included various small improvements for the Invoices App, and we released the 2.0 version of our Orders App.

For CRM, there are several notable improvements that have been included. The best of which is the inclusion of advanced search capabilities, built-in Apptivo reports, and the ability to create your own custom reports and share them with colleagues.

In addition to the new reporting, each app received a cosmetic overhaul, and the addition of some other key features, such as social media integration, as well as email notifications when CRM objects are updated. Lastly, the lead conversion process has been greatly simplified. It is now simple to take a cold sales lead, and convert it into the next step of the sales process in our CRM apps.

Beyond CRM, we have released a greatly improved 2.0 version of our sales orders application. Every corner of the app has been tweaked and improved to offer a much better experience. We’ve also fixed many issues which existed in the old application, and included brand new features like reporting and advanced search capabilities. If you we’re using the existing app, do not worry, all of your data is seamlessly transferred into the new app. You don’t need to take any steps to use the new app, it has automatically replaced the old 1.0 app.

Next release you can look forward to a complete overhaul of our marketing suite, which will make Apptivo’s CRM suite even more comprehensive, allowing built-in tools to help manage your email marketing activities. We’ll also be included a new personalized dashboard with a profile picture for each employee, and you can expect many enhancements to our Invoices & CRM applications as well. Finally, we’ll be releasing a brand new upload tool to make importing your data into Apptivo much easier. Stay Tuned!

New Business App Features

This Saturday (7/28) we added the following new features to Apptivo:

  1. Orders 2.0
  2. Contact Reports
  3. Contact Advanced Search
  4. Contact Social Media Links
  5. Contact Email Notifications
  6. Contact Homepage
  7. Customer Reports
  8. Customer Advanced Search
  9. Customer Social Media Links
  10. Customer Email Notifications
  11. Customer Homepage
  12. Lead Reports
  13. Lead Advanced Search
  14. Lead Social Media Links
  15. Lead Email Notifications
  16. Lead Homepage
  17. Simplified Conversion from Lead to Contact/Customer/Opportunity

Apptivo Bug Fixes & Small Improvements

This Saturday (7/28) we fixed the following issues in Apptivo:

  1. Allow custom file name formats for invoice PDF templates
  2. View related contacts for sales leads & opportunities
  3. Cleaned up the “Items of Interest” feature for leads & opportunities
  4. Various bug fixes for Leads
  5. Various bug fixes for Contacts
  6. Various bug fixes for Customers
  7. Various bug fixes for Orders
  8. Various bug fixes for Invoices

Upcoming Business Solutions

Next release (8/8) we will make the following updates to Apptivo:

  1. Targets 2.0
  2. Campaigns 2.0
  3. Timesheets Improvements
  4. CRM Improvements
  5. Invoices UI Improvements
  6. More PDF templates for invoices, work orders, estimates
  7. Profile Picture
  8. Simplified Spreadsheet Uploads

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