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We are delighted to announce our new integrations for payment gateway and financial accounts transactions in Apptivo. Our customers were keenly interested in these integrations, even though they have a separate account with those application they wanted to integrate the same with Apptivo to make their work easier. Hence we prioritized the update with the other feature requests and released these integrations. Let’s check out the categorisation of last release updates,

  1. Stripe: Payment gateway with Invoices
  2. Quickbooks: Financial accounting transactions with Supplier Invoices

Stripe – Integration with Invoices

Stripe is the payment gateway software and which helps to run an online business. The tool is very safe and flexible to all kinds of business, it provides everything for the quick and effective payment experiences. It is integrated with our Apptivo invoices as a payment gateway to pay the invoices from the customers. You can integrate the same with Apptivo using API keys. The below are the key points for the usage of stripe as a payment gateway,

  • Records transactions in both Apptivo and Stripe
  • Can handle bank reconciliation easily
  • Track and maintain the credit amount
  • Can track sales through stripe
  • Save card details and customer details

Quickbooks – Financial Accounting Transactions With Supplier Invoices:

Quickbooks is an accounting software developed and marketed by intuit. This software is very user friendly and can be used for all small and medium kinds of businesses. It is easily integrated with our Apptivo supplier invoices app to share the transactions with quickbooks. The advantages of having quickbooks integrated with Apptivo are,

  • Invoice can be created in both Supplier invoice app & Quickbooks
  • No more dual entry
  • Track of payment receipts
  • Track of balance sheets, P&L and tax details
  • Give roles & privileges to the customers
  • View of recent transactions

So, these are our new integrations to make your business better. We have further new updates and that will be implemented very soon.

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