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Customer engagement is necessary before making a sale. This can be achieved by doing the following. Get as much data about the customers as possible. You need not guess which product is the best for the customers. Data enables informed decisions. Segment the visitors to your website. Create ads as per user’s interests. Hence the right ads go to the right visitors.

customer engagement

Have a different approach than your rivals. By gathering and analyzing data faster you can dish out superior campaigns resulting in superior customer engagement.

However, just high customer engagement is not enough. They need to be converted into sales. We look at tips to convert customer engagement into sales.

Leverage Human Psychology

All human behavior fundamentally tries to avoid pain and obtain pleasure. Highlight how your product/service delivers on those fronts.

Stand Out from The Crowd

Be different. Research on what the competition offers. Come out with offering something that is not offered by anybody.

Brand Ambassador

Use brand ambassadors to reinforce your sales pitch. Instead of you speaking on the merits of the product consumers prefer a respected figure’s opinion.

Free Offers

Make your product/service free initially. This will encourage many to try out your product/service. People trust and listen to other people’s experience with the product/service.

Avoid Hurrying Up the Sale

Do not rush. After customer engagement do not push the customer to make a purchase. Give the customer time to think whether the product/service is good, whether he/she needs it and consult other people before making a decision. This way the decision will be the customer’s and not yours.

Simple and Lucid Communication

Be clear. Do not overload the consumer with a huge amount of information and statistics. This will only confuse and tire him/her. Use simple and short language to convince the consumer to purchase the product/service.

Return Back Policy

No one wants bad products/services especially if they have spent money on it. A free return back policy will encourage many customers to make a purchase.

Tell Stories

Telling stories about a product/service is an excellent way to stir up customer’s interest and prod them to make a purchase.

Make Goals as Simple as Possible

Generally, people want the easiest solution for their problem/need as possible. Explain how your product/service helps accomplish their goal/need in the simplest manner.

Partner with Customers Against a Common Enemy

Nothing unites people better than a common enemy. For example a bad workplace is the common enemy of a job seeker and your job portal. Explain how your product/service helps the customer against a common enemy. However avoid politics, ethnicity, race and religion when selecting a common enemy.

Periodic Reminders

You may have instilled interest in your product/service in a customer. However he may have forgotten about your product/service because of being busy or some other reason. Send friendly, short messages to remind him/her about the product/service.

Make them Feel the Need to Join a Community

People are social creatures by definition. Give them the feeling they belong to an exclusive community by availing of your product/service. They will feel special and proud to be members of an elite community.

Attractive Packaging

Looks matter. People prefer products which look sleek and elegant. Put in research, effort and time to come with innovative and cool designs. This will enable customers to have something exquisite to brandish to others. Make sure your products look better and different others.

Timing is Key

After making a sales pitch, ask the customer to make their purchase. Here timing is paramount. It is advisable to use your instinct, your past experience and the advice of mentors to select the right time. Mastering this skill will vastly improve your conversion rate.

It is important to harness an array of conversion techniques for sales. Brainstorm with team members and solicit the experience of veterans to refine your conversion strategy.

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