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We are happy to inform you about this week’s Apptivo release, which included an app upgraded to version 4.0, and also many new features, including updated interfaces in the Timesheets App. This release has also added a many new integration’s between apps! Now, you can convert an estimate into a project, opportunity into project, case into project and contact into a customer. We have now introduced the “deleted and disabled” feature in the Items app. You no longer need to worry about accidentally deleting product data, and you can easily archive products which you no longer sell anymore.

Another notable feature was added into the Ledger App: bulk CSV import capabilities. This feature was requested by many different customers, so we’ve introduced our standard CSV upload mapping tool to process any file containing past accounting transactions.

Here is a quick look of our new requirements app’s 4.0 interface:

create requirement

New Business App Features

Last Monday, we added the following new features to Apptivo:

  1. Apps migrated to version 4.0 with a fresh look and feel
  2. Updates in Timesheets app with many new features
  3. New conversion flows added into Apptivo
    • Contact to customer
    • Opportunity to project
    • Case to Project
    • Estimate to the project
  4. Deleted and Disabled option included in Items app
  5. Import feature added into ledger app
  6. Cross link provided for associated objects in Homepage
  7. Job priority has been included in contacts import

Bug Fixes and UX Improvements

This Monday, we fixed the following issues in Apptivo:

  1. Overall bug fixes and improvements to the following Apps and sections:
    • Invoices App
    • Estimates App
    • Partners section
    • Home page news feed
    • Tasks date selector

Upcoming Business Solutions

In the next release we will be making the following updates to Apptivo

  • Business Connections App
  • Timesheet app upgrades

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