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The Question:

I’ve been using Apptivo for a while, but my company has recently moved locations. In the process we acquired a new phone number, as well as changed the address of our headquarters. Where can I update business information in Apptivo so invoices show the correct information?

The Answer:

Your basic company information is available in the firm configuration area. Access this area by logging into Apptivo, then click on your name in the upper right hand corner. Your name will pull down a list of options, and one of them is “Business Settings”, click on this Business Settings.

business settings

This link will redirect you to the Business Settings page, where you can change your business settings such as the company information like Business Name, Business Category, Contact Information etc.


To change business address and your phone number, click on the respective fields under “Contact Information” and “Address Information” sections. Here you can simply change phone number and update business address, and click the “Save” button when done.

edit business information

Once your settings are updated here, they will be instantly reflected in all other applications, such as invoicing (invoice address).

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