Web Method: getAllBySearchText

This API will search entire details of Customers globally.

Request API URL{}&numRecords={}&searchText={"customerName"}&objectId={}&apiKey=API_KEY&accessKey=ACCESS_KEY

Global Search by customer

Request Parameters

Parameter Data Type Values Description
BaseURL customer‘s app API Base URL
a getAllBySearchText Action
startIndex 0 Starting Index of total records
numRecords 50 Total records which we want to retrieve
searchText JSON {“customerName”:”ABC”} Text which we want to search
apiKey* String ZMQYFZTzBXAW-DoPSURDtNVBUEY-518d51ae-ab26-4c04-9f7b-8d26a586e90e Apptivo API Key
accessKey* String SqQxOzQZDvUT-fTsOrItIVDUGyV-5c90b8a3-4683-4145-8584-1ed40de970b9 Apptivo Access Key

* – Mandatory parameters


This will return all the customer configuration data searched with JSON format.

Sample URL

Sample Response