Web Method: getCustomersConfigData

This API will provide entire details of Customer’s App which includes the following.

  • Response Type: JSON String.
  • All Standard and Custom Attribute details which are configured in settings->master Layout.
  • It has phoneTypes,emailTypes,AddressTypes, employeeRanges, industries,territories, calendarYears, leadSources, leadTypes, etc., as a Array of objects.
  • It returns sectionId, sectionName,attributeId,attributeName,attributeType,etc., as a Array of object inside the webLayout.


You can use the getConfigData method to get all the configuration data’s like customer types, market, category and etc.

Request API URL

Request Parameters

Parameter Data Type Description
apiKey* String Apptivo business account API Key
accessKey* String Apptivo business account Access Key

* – Mandatory parameters


This will return all the customer configuration data with JSON format.


  • You can get these configuration values and use them while creating customers.
  • We can get the webLayout from configData API, which is the JSON string(need to decode to access it).
  • Iterate all sections and attributes, to know the attribute details, to create or update the customer records in Apptivo.

Sample API

Sample Response

{"phoneTypes":[{phoneType1},{phoneType2},{phoneType3}..], "emailTypes":[{emailType1},{emailType2},{emailType3}..],
[{section1details, "attributes": [{attribute1details},{attribute1details},{attribute1details}..]},
[{section2details, "attributes": [{attribute2details},{attribute2details},{attribute2details}..]},
[{section3details, "attributes": [{attribute3details},{attribute3details},{attribute3details}..]},
[{section4details, "attributes": [{attribute4details},{attribute4details},{attribute4details}..]}