Over time, we have reshaped Apptivo with a few changes in syncing the emails with Gmail. Coping up with the trend, our team works tirelessly to give you enhanced and seamless sync of Apptivo email and G Suite email.

We have a piece of good news for you! The application has been submitted to Google for verification of G Suite OAuth sync. We’ll update you once Google has thoroughly verified the app.

As a result of being under verification, you may get the below screen while enabling the email sync with Apptivo.

Pending Review Page

Though you get the pending verification screen, the sync continues in the backend process for all users. All data will be made available to users who enable sync for the first time once Google completes the verification. The sync continues to function for those users who synced their emails in the past.

We’ll get back to you shortly. Till then, we thank you for your constant support and loyalty. You can always mail us for any queries at support@apptivo.com.

To know more about G Suite email sync, visit our support page by clicking here.


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