We are happy to inform you about our recent release for the Windows Apptivo All-in-One App V6.4.3.0. Please go through the updated features as listed.

Updates and Enhancements

  • Documents app inside Home Activities 
  • Automated district update in the Address field
  • Print PDF option in the Contacts app
  • Timesheets App under Project Management  

Documents app inside Home Activities

We have enhanced the usage of the Apptivo app in the windows platform by implementing the Documents app inside the Home activities. You can enable it from the App store in the Web version. Through the Documents app, you can view and manage all the documents associated with all the apps from Apptivo.

Documents App

In the Documents app, now you can view all the documents associated with all apps from Apptivo.Also,those documents have been segregated as My Documents, Shared Documents, and App Folders.


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Automated district update in the Address field

We have added the district selection dropdown in the Address field for Vietnam. Depending on the country selection, the list of the state and district will get auto-populated accordingly. If you are selecting a country like Vietnam, the district list will get populated depending on the state selection.


District Selection

Print PDF option in the Contacts app

Contacts App help to manage all your business contacts related to your business account as well as suppliers or vendors. Apptivo’s Contacts module can be used for customer acquisitions as well as the procurement of products from the suppliers or vendors. With the latest update in the windows, you can print the records as a PDF document. The PDF layout can be configured in the settings page from the web version.

Print PDF

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Timesheets App under Project Management

The next interesting update in this release is the Timesheets app that has been implemented inside the Project Management section. Timesheets App is one of the best accurate online tracking software from Apptivo. With these, you can track task hours by submitting for approval. Also, you can convert the Timesheet to an Invoice.

Timesheets App

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Stay tuned for the upcoming releases in Apptivo from blogs and answers.

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