Apptivo Mobile Release Updates for September 08, 2018 – iOS All-In-One App

Posted on 11:35 pm, September 19, 2018 by agilbert


Good news, everyone! Apptivo iOS All-In-One App has been upgraded to Version 6.0.7. Walk through a list of new features and feature updates included in this release which was deployed on September 08, 2018. Apptivo iOS All-In-One App Updates – V6.0.7 Custom Views in the Cases App Security Actions Quick Edit Action Download our latest…

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Apptivo Mobile Release Updates for August 31, 2018 – Android Unified App

Posted on 10:48 pm, September 19, 2018 by agilbert


Hello! We have released yet another new version of Android Unified App on August 31, 2018. With our team working on the next major release of the Android version, this update contains performance and stability fixes, a few bug fixes, as well as a significant new feature. Apptivo Android Unified App – V6.0.6 App Renaming…

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Apptivo Mobile Release Updates for August 25, 2018 – iOS All-In-One App

Posted on 10:16 pm, September 19, 2018 by agilbert


Hello everyone! This blog summarizes the latest releases and updates in the Apptivo iOS All-In-One App. Walk through a brief description of the recent updates which were deployed on August 25, 2018. Apptivo iOS All-In-One App Updates – V6.0.6 App Renaming Conditional Dependencies in the Cases & Work Orders App Supported section conditional dependency in…

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Mobile Release Updates for April 04 & 13, 2018 – Apptivo CRM App

Posted on 2:52 am, June 4, 2018 by agilbert


Hello Everyone! This blog describes the feature updates and the latest functionality available in Apptivo Android CRM App. We have worked on four features that will make your Android experience a better one. Go through below to know our noteworthy recent improvements and feature updates. Provided customized notification refresh in the background Dependency conditions for…

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Mobile Release Update for May 17, 2018 – Mac OS Desktop: 1.0.1

Posted on 9:28 pm, June 3, 2018 by agilbert


Hello Everyone! In our attempt to keep you engaged and progress your business to stay productive, we have worked on yet another version of our app in Mac OS adding new features, giving you the ability to do more on the go. Get access to the latest version of Apptivo App from your Mac systems…

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MOBILE RELEASE NOTES ON March 31, 2018 – iOS All-In-One APP

Posted on 11:28 pm, May 3, 2018 by ivenkatesh

iOS mobile release march 31, 2018

We, at Apptivo, are happy in sharing the latest feature updates and enhancements which were deployed on April 03, 2018. Keep yourself updated with our feature enhancements. Find below the list of features, which were worked on in the last release: iOS All-In-One App Updates Projects App Create Projects View & Edit Projects Create &…

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Mobile Release Notes on March 12, 2018 – Windows CRM App

Posted on 10:20 pm, March 18, 2018 by ivenkatesh


We at Apptivo are happy to announce that a huge list of features have been deployed in the last release on March 12, 2018 which are much worth to the point. The following are the list of new features which have been deployed on this release. Windows update CRM 360 degree view Duplication Rules Homepage…

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Posted on 9:34 pm, February 27, 2018 by ivenkatesh


We’re happy to announce the updates which have been released on February 24, 2018, as well as some fresh and new enhancements, rolled out throughout the App. Look at the points of interest underneath, to find what we have for you in this Mobile update iOS Update CRM Multi Select Drop Down Sectional Visibility Dependency…

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Posted on 10:41 pm, February 12, 2018 by ivenkatesh


We, at Apptivo are cheerful to proclaim the feature updates which have been deployed on February 09, 2018 which are much worth to the point. In addition, its a chance to bestow to you the new features. Observe beneath to discover what’s new here for you in this update. Android CRM Multi Select Dropdown Locate…

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Posted on 3:25 am, January 29, 2018 by ivenkatesh


We, at Apptivo, are very happy with the update of the Android Unified App (Apptivo Base) which have been deployed on January 24, 2018, with various updations which are much useful for Mobile devices. Now, let us go through a brief note about each feature included in this Unified App. ANDROID UPDATES CRM Homepage for…

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