We are pleased to announce the product upgrades for our iOS application. The newest version 6.3.12 is powered with advanced features that leave no stone unturned in offering an exceptional user experience. In addition to enhancing our existing features, we have also focused on optimizing our application.

Apptivo – All-In-One iOS App Updates – v6.3.12

  • Added Summary Boxes in the Cases App
  • Included Summary Boxes in the Opportunities App

Added Summary Boxes in the Cases App

In the latest upgrade of our All-in-One iOS application, we have supported the Summary Boxes feature in the Cases app. This feature available in the Web version has been a great asset to the View Builder where you can effortlessly keep track of the sum, count, or average of values in a particular attribute depending on your business purpose. Following this update, the Summary Boxes configured for different views in the Web version will be displayed in your iOS application for quick accessibility and hassle-free operations. Read More.

Summary Boxes

Included Summary Boxes in the Opportunities App

In addition to the Cases app, the Summary Boxes feature is also supported in the Opportunities app of Apptivo’s iOS platform. By leveraging the Summary Boxes, you can get a clear sequence of the data with a summary of information as visual boxes. As per your business purpose, you can obtain the summary of the count, sum, or average of values. Also, you can add a maximum of 6 summary boxes and customize them whenever you need depending on your requirement. Read More.

Summary Boxes

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