We are back with the latest updates of Apptivo for its Android Platform. Starting from the Introduction of Documents App to the customization of data, the latest update is definitely a delight for the users.

Apptivo – All-In-One Android App Updates – V6.0.24

  • Documents App in Android Platform
  • District Selection in the Address Field
  • Profile Picture in the Contacts App

Documents App in Android Platform

Apptivo’s All-In-One mobile application for the Android Platform has launched the Documents App. Moving forward, all the documents associated with the records will be available in a single application. Install the Apptivo-Documents application from the App Store in the Web version to have seamless access over the entire Documents App.

Documents App

In the mobile version, you have access to My Documents, Shared Folders, and App Folders.

Documents Selection

My Documents

You can see the list of documents uploaded or associated with your records from the My Documents section.

For detailed information, click here.

Shared Folders

Have a glance at the documents shared by your Employees from the Shared Folders section in the mobile application.

Click here for more information.

App Folders

Instant grouping of documents is made possible in the App Folders. Documents associated with a particular app gets added to a single folder automatically.

For more information, click here.

Along with the divisions, Documents App allows you to perform multiple functions.

Multiple Access

Get to upload documents from your device, Google, and Dropbox. You can also create folders and upload documents using the Documents App.

Multiple Access

Smart Search

Unable to locate a document? You can use the Search Documents feature to search and find your documents easily.

Smart Search

Memory Usage

Documents App provides real-time data on the total memory used. You can upload documents to a maximum size of 7 MB.

Memory Usage

District Selection in the Address Field

Apptivo’s Android platform has extended its support to include the districts available in Vietnam as a dropdown in the Address field. When you are adding the address information for Vietnam, you can select the district name rather than entering the name manually. In addition to this, you can add the district name if the country is India. Efficient time management and smart work are ensured.

For Instance: Consider adding the Address field for Customer’s App. If the customer is from Vietnam, you have the ability to choose the district name from the dropdown.

District Selection

For more information, click here.

Profile Picture in the Contacts App

Profile Picture is a great tool to enable easy identification. Having a profile picture increases the trust between the Contacts and Organization. It also helps to enhance communication as you are aware of who the information is shared with. You can now add and update the profile picture in the Contacts App.

Profile Picture

For more information, click here.

Stay tuned for the updates in Apptivo from blogs and answers.

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