Happy March! We are right back with our newest updates. We constantly update and enhance our tools as our team responds to feedback and are deliberately working towards improvising the features. We are very delighted to inform you all, that we have introduced a brand new feature that would bring added value to your business flow. Apptivo feels very happy to walk you through the new features and upgrades to help build your business in a much more seamless fashion.

New Features and Upgrades:

  • QR Code attribute in Master Layout.
  • Scheduled Reports for Opportunities app.

QR Code Attribute in Master layout:

Apptivo apps can now include QR codes. You can get information about products, services, contacts, and more by scanning QR codes. QR codes are employed in marketing, customer support, and even sales by many firms these days. You may also print the QR code in your pdf according to your company’s needs. This will make your business processes better and simpler. Read More

QR Code Attribute

Scheduled Reports for Opportunities:

Previously Scheduled Reports are available in Contacts and Customers apps. So this time we have enhanced our tool by introducing the Scheduled Reports in Opportunities app. Now you can automate the reports and email them to your employees, teams, or contact. By using this feature you can save time, can also increase the efficiency of your business. Keep track of the records and share them with your employees regularly. Read more

Schedule Report

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