Hello! and welcome back to Apptivo’s November month’s product update. We have optimized current apps with an amazing upgrade to make them more persistent to our customers with these latest updates. We sought to solve various relevant problems in this release to improve the general stability of all applications. Here’s a short rundown of our most recent update.

Update and Enhancement

  • Introduced Multiple Territories for Opportunities, Contacts, & Leads

Introduced Multiple Territories for Opportunities, Contacts, & Leads

Apptivo always gives priority to the customer’s needs and queries and works hard to solve them in priority. On that note, we have introduced the “Allow Multiple Territories” toggle for the Opportunities, Contacts, & Leads app. With this update, the customer can add multiple territories in individual records. For example, if you want to associate the multiple territories for an opportunity, you can simply enable the “Allow multiple territories” toggle in the settings and associate multiple territories while creating or updating the opportunity. Similarly, you can associate multiple territories with the Leads and Contacts as well. Read more.

Introduced Multiple Territories for Opportunities

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