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Welcome to the latest edition of Apptivo’s product updates. In this update, some of the key features have been enhanced further to boost the user experience. We have developed the Contact Center Chrome extension to manage your calls from the browser directly. Furthermore, other features have been prioritized and upgraded to maintain an optimized customer interface to provide top-notch service.

Updates and Enhancements

  • Contact Center’s Chrome Extension
  • Xero 2-Way Integration
  • Bulk Updates for News Feed in Cases App
  • Duplication Rules in Opportunities App
  • Mobile List Layout in Work Orders App

Contact Center’s Chrome Extension

Apptivo’s Contact Center App provides the best user experience with the finest call-handling and SMS features. In this update, we have developed the Chrome extension for our Contact Center app for easy access to the application directly from the browser. By using this extension, you can simply log in to your Apptivo account to access the Contact Center application. With that, you can view the phone numbers associated with your Apptivo account. You can directly route the calls, manage calls, transfer the calls, and record the calls from the browser. The calls can be received and managed in the Chrome extension based on the IVR setup. In addition, the user will get notifications on the browser while receiving the calls. Read more.

Xero 2-Way Integration

Apptivo financial apps allow you to integrate with the Xero application and helps you to maintain the financial records with ease. In this update, we have provided two-way sync for the Supplier Invoices. Now, if the supplier invoices are paid through the Xero account, the respective supplier invoice status will get updated to “Paid” in Apptivo automatically with the payment type as Xero and vice-versa. You can also auto-update the PO status associated with the Supplier Invoice by using the Triggers. For more details click here.

Bulk Updates for News Feed in Cases App

Apptivo’s News Feed is used to get the timeline regarding all the activities of your Employees within the system. Now, in the Cases App, you can get the News Feed and Email Notifications for any bulk actions performed by the users. For example, if the employee has updated the attributes of the case records by using the Bulk Actions, you can get a notification on the News Feed section of the individual case and also in the global News Feed section. Additionally, turn on the Email Feed option if you’d like to receive an email notification as well. For more information click here.

Duplication Rules in Opportunities App

Duplication Rules in Apptivo mainly helps to eliminate the duplication of records and helps you to get only valid information. The Duplication Rule feature is already implemented in the Cases, Contacts, Customers, and Leads Apps of Apptivo to prevent the duplication of records based on the given criteria. In this update, we have provided this feature in the Opportunities App as well to prevent duplication based on any given criteria. The user can set the option either to Prevent Duplication automatically or Warn and Flag Duplication for review. We have also provided the Uniqueness check in the Imports section that helps you to avoid duplication while importing through an excel spreadsheet. For more details click here.

Mobile List Layout in Work Orders App

List Layout feature in Apptivo allows users to view the records in table view with desired fields. The newest update has supported the ability to view the created list layout in the Work Orders app from Apptivo’s mobile platform. Furthermore, now the users can set up the list layout for the mobile application that can be created or customized from the web version of Apptivo. The created view can be accessed from their mobile application with ease. Read more.

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