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Many companies will run a promotional campaign to entice new customers to purchase their products or services. Apptivo offers an easy method to manage these promotions and apply them to your orders. If you have already created a promotion code, then it's time to create an order.

Configure the promotion correctly

Before creating an order, ensure your promotion code is set up properly.

  1. You must have the correct items selected for this promotion.
  2. The promotion must be valid during the date of the order
  3. The promotion must have a coupon code
  4. The promotion must apply to all customers (or you must be billing a new customer)
Creating Marketing Promotion Codes

Create your sales order

  1. On the order creation screen, fill in the customer, contact, and billing information. Order Customer Information
  2. Click on the "Add Order Line" button to include a product

    Add Sales Order Line

  3. Select the product using the search tool and enter the quantity Select Product Sold
  4. Now select your promotion using the search tool Select the Sales Promotion
  5. Now select the correct payment term and payment type, and save the order. Save Sales Order

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