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6 Best Tactics Of Relationship Selling To Close More Deals

Communication among employees is one of the most important aspects of a successful company. Due to sharing vital information between employees, businesses can plan and carry out organized events. But, if there is even a slight miscommunication between the employees about a project, it could lead to massive failures, including loss of time & money. So, even if your team is using the Best Project Management Software for your projects, it could fail nonetheless. The information shared may not be accurate every time and leads to reduced efficiency of employees and rising conflicts. Therefore, in this blog, Apptivo brings you the best practices to avoid miscommunication.
What leads to miscommunication?

To avoid something from happening, you first need to know what causes it so that you can work on removing the cause. So, let us talk about the causes of miscommunication between employees.

  • First of all, the most common reason for miscommunication among employees is poor team management. Your employees might not be finding ways to work well together. There may also be a series of conflicts at the office, causing miscommunication and affecting the project and the organization.
  • Secondly, your team members might be making assumptions in important decisions. It happens without verifying the accuracy of the information that may lead to complete project failures.
  • The employees not listening to the things being told at the workspace actively is also a reason for miscommunication. It is because they don’t concentrate on the main things and aren’t able to respond effectively.
  • There is a possibility that the communication channel used at your workspace isn’t the best channel for your employees. And choosing the wrong medium could lead to loss of messages, delay in response, or even employees leaving the messages unread.
  • Lack of transparency is another cause of miscommunication between employees as it leads to degrading their productivity due to insufficient information.

So, these were the main reasons behind miscommunication happening at the offices. Even after owners using the best project management software and project management apps in their offices, miscommunication causes project failures and an immense loss to the business. Therefore, avoiding miscommunication from happening is crucial for an organization.

Ways to Avoid Miscommunication

To avoid inadequate communication from happening and ensuring that your operations don’t come to a halt, you need to focus on several different aspects that allow effective communication. The following ways would help you in avoiding workplace miscommunication.

Practicing active listening

For ensuring that your employees understand each other correctly and prevent miscommunication from happening, you need to emphasize active listening in your workspace. It would allow your employees to deliver the right message and avert miscommunication from happening. Also, when employees focus on things attentively, they know what to do, and they would add more value to the information making it viable for everyone. With the Apptivo Project Management application, you can ensure that all your project information is shared across the centralized platform and to each employee on the CRM. It makes it easier for everyone to access vital information and work accordingly, removing any possibility for miscommunication and preventing any loss to the organization.

Discussing expectations and clarifying things

When a project manager starts a project, all the members are directly involved in the tasks. It happens without plotting out the employee expectations with the project, their goals & objectives, and their specific aim related to the project. So, team managers have to discuss the expectations, goals, and objectives of the employees. Next, they need to ask if the team is comfortable with the project constraints such as deadlines and other properties. If anyone finds it difficult to deal with current restrictions, you must change them accordingly to the best of your team. It is also crucial whenever there is a change made to the project between the ongoing processes. With Apptivo’s Project Management Software, you can set clear goals and expectations for individual employees. Also, you can track the project progress constantly. It gives you the advantage to manage things easily as soon as you see any decline in progress.

Being responsible about communication

In case of miscommunication happening, there isn’t a mistake of anyone but, there is the wrong understanding of the listener as well as the irresponsibility of the person conveying the message that he didn’t ask for any doubts. When project owners give orders to the teams and don’t ask opinions and doubts regarding the same, miscommunication is the most possible outcome. Therefore, project owners need to understand that when starting a project or making changes to an ongoing operation, they should check if their teams had understood everything and ask for any opinion regarding the same. As a result, you get a team with clear objectives, a project that had defined goals, and a detailed approach towards project progress. Apptivo CRM gives you a centralized platform to deliver messages that are available to every person on the team and can communicate effectively with your team.


So, these were the ways to avoid any miscommunication happening at your workplace. You can ensure that your employees are communicating effectively and your business can grow. Therefore, use Apptivo CRM and prevent any miscommunication while creating a better communication culture for your employees.

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