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Leveraging Cloud Suite of Business Apps

Companies that are thought to be future-ready have already coped with the disastrous alterations that COVID-19 had brought along with it. Businesses are joining hands with newer models to automate their businesses to adapt quickly to changes. The rapidly changing market is bringing with it a myriad of possibilities, too. If you are thinking about how you can get your business adjusted in this new digitized world, then look no further. With a little help from Apptivo, all your business-related worries are about to disappear.

Apptivo: A Complete Package

Apptivo comes as a savior during the pandemic to protect your business. Apptivo prides itself in providing all-round care for all the needs of an SME. Let us break it down into three main aspects.

Customer Management

Customer Management

There are 3 important roles that CRM Software plays when it comes to managing customers.

  1. CRMs provide the right tools to work that promote collaboration, easy monitoring, project management, and centralizing the data. Through a CRM tool, like that of Apptivo, your employees can work together, access all data that is stored on the Cloud, including client history, and can progress with their daily activities seamlessly without having to worry about any physical documents.
  2. CRMs enable your customers to connect with you virtually, even when no businesses are functioning from their offices. The customer service agents can easily and quickly respond to emails, answer calls, resolve issues, and address queries – all from their homes. Apptivo CRM has made customer service a smooth affair. You can easily convert leads, monitor competition, keep track of contracts, create individual customer transaction history, and make elaborate sales plans. The CRMs create a bridge to fill the gap of contact initiated by the lockdown. With tools such as these, you can partake in inefficient information sharing, too.
  3. CRMs are an efficient tool also because they can provide a detailed analysis of your business performance. While this automated tool is fast, and accurate, having the same work done manually could cost you more time and get you less accuracy. Thus, aiding in giving a better, and personalized service to your clients.

Employee Management

Employee Management

The way companies used to monitor their productivity and profits have taken a 180-degree turn; but for the best. Here are 3 ways that management of projects have modified:

  1. Bringing their calendars, emails, and CRM in one place saves a lot of time. Needless to say, CRMs can align your daily schedule and nudge you when you have an upcoming event. The best part about this integration is that all your employees have access to all data stored in the Cloud, which can be retrieved at any time. This reduces the chances of delay and miscommunication. Centralized data can bring in new opportunities that were previously overlooked.
  2. Managing work remotely has made business turn to the age-old Gantt Chart. Only this time, it is online. The Project Manager form Apptivo comes with an automated Gantt Chart with features like setting timelines for each project, notes for resources that are used, who is working on the project, and estimated completion date. Now, managers and team members can get a comprehensive idea of any project with just a glance.
  3. Utilizing such tools has given a lot of autonomy to employees. With reminders and alerts, employees can finish their set KPIs within the assigned dates. So, for a job as minute as sending a follow-up email, the team member gets notification because of which the task gets done on time. Every member of the team can be on the same page about the progress of each event, and take the next steps accordingly.

Business Management

Business Management

For retailers or physical store owners, COVID has brought double the bad news. Here is how you can manage your business with Apptivo:

  1. Take your business presence online. Nowadays, with the new knowledge that everything is possible online, people are resorting to stay at home and get products and services ordered online. With Apptivo’s eCommerce Management tool, you can create your own website, add images, descriptions, and tags with the click of a button, and manage your stock and update the same on your website and warehouse automatically. Sit back and watch as your business grows to another level.
  2. Now updating your warehouse stocks does not need a team of workers to manually sort and update all the numbers on a sheet. You can do all of that via Apptivo’s Procurement and Purchase order tool. All the numbers are within the reach of your fingertips. The best part? Employees can manage this data from their computers or mobile phones, provided they have access.
  3. When working remotely, sending out invoices, making expense reports, and estimates of profits and losses have to be automated, too. For this, Apptivo has three separate tools: Expense Reports tool to manage your bills; Invoice tool to send out payment requests and make payments to vendors; and Estimates tool to make assessments of costs for each project.

Final Thoughts

COVID-19 has changed how we work. Using Apptivo tools, you can take part in this change, too. All communications have gone digital, and companies that spent the majority of their resources on face-to-face meetings and conducting events, are now diverting all their funds into digitizing their businesses. So why shouldn’t you?
Get ready for a whole new world with endless possibilities when you leverage the Cloud suite of business apps from Apptivo.

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