Apptivo Contacts Sharing is here to enable you to synchronize and share your contacts in G Suite. Offer your contacts– employees and business contacts for every employee in your firm. Contact data once updated is shared with all employees over your firm.

There are many cases where a user may have a business contact shared with their colleagues, but then decide that this contact should no longer be shared.

While you have the option to simply delete the contact from Apptivo or Google, this will permanently remove the contact. If you wish to keep this contact available in Google and to delete in Apptivo for users, you’ll need to follow a few steps.

Who Should the Contact be Deleted for?

Before deleting a contact, ask yourself who the contact should be removed for. If you want to remove the contact for the entire business, proceed with the below steps.

If you only wish to remove this contact for certain employees, take a look at secure contact sharing instead.

Remove Contact from Apptivo Created Contact Groups

A Contact can be deleted from Shared contacts without deleting it actually from Google Account. Simply remove the particular contact from all Apptivo created Contact groups. If the contact is not assigned to a Team, remove it from the group “Apptivo Contacts”. If the contact is assigned to a Team, remove it from both groups “Apptivo Contacts” and “Apptivo Team “.

Similarly if you want to delete all your synced contacts from Google, Go to Apptivo “Contacts App” settings. Click “More -> Settings -> Contacts -> GSuite Integration”. Enable “Delete all my synced contacts” toggle button. Once the process gets finished, your synced contacts from Google will be removed from Apptivo.

What Happens Next

Once the contact has been removed from groups, it will take 5-10 minutes to process. After this time, the contact is removed for all employees except the User who removed it from Apptivo Contact groups in both Google Contacts, as well as Apptivo Contacts.

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