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Sell Solutions, Not Problems – Apptivo Tips

Most of the modern businesses are misunderstood about their leads and very often, they consider that the leads are seeking an explanation to their problems but the reality is that they are in search of a proper solution to the problem they already have and know about. Making them aware of your extensive knowledge about the problem isn’t going to help them, what they need is a proper plan from you to solve their problem. Hence, businesses need to follow some tips for learning how to sell a solution. So, with Apptivo tips on selling solutions to customers, learn to satisfy your customers.

Tips to sell solutions

Understand your product first

For you to sell your products to the people, you first need to understand and know completely about your product. You’ll need to have every piece of information regarding your product that can be of benefit to your leads. In this way, you can provide more information to the customer about your solution to their problem and they would more likely accept your solution. Having proper information would prevent conditions where unusual requests by customers could cause you to face the loss of a lead.

Know more about the challenges faced by the customers

Understanding customers’ challenges is another aspect of selling your solution. For this, you need to learn about all the points in history where your customers have experienced any difficulty with a product or have been using a certain service that is probable to have an issue. This lets you easily understand a customer and what he could demand from you.

Asking relevant questions

Very often, sales reps end up asking too many irrelevant questions making the customers very frustrated and leave your contact permanently. Therefore, your sales reps must ask relevant questions to them regarding their problem. They must ask them about their exact problem and what the current solution lacks in solving the problem. Furthermore, you need to answer the questions of the customers, not to customers, but to yourself. That makes you figure out the best solution for their problem and suggest it to them.

Adding value beyond the product

When a person seeks a solution to his problem and comes to you, offering him more than just the solution would lead to a better relationship between the customer and you. This could be done by offering add-on inclusions to your product that are relevant to the customers’ needs. It makes the customers aware of your commitment to them and they believe that you are a long term supporter in their journey. You can also do this by making them know about the unique selling points of your product. It possibly yields benefits for the customers by saving their time, money, or giving them an emotional advantage.

Eliminating organizational silos

The involvement of all the related departments is important to sell a certain solution. For this, you need to remove silos in your organization and include all the concerned departments so that they must work together to provide the best and complete solution to the customers. It can be done by having all your services available in a single place.

Sell results, not features

Last but not the least, you don’t need to list the features of your product to the customers. Instead, make them experience the product itself and see what benefits it yields to them. It is because customers find it annoying about the reps talking too much about the features of a product. So you can tell them about the possible benefits of the product or what other problems they can also solve by the solution as well as the accomplishments related to it. All this makes selling a product easier.

How Apptivo CRM helps you in selling the solution

  • With Apptivo CRM, you get a central place for all your products and services using which you can always cater to customer queries with proper information about your products.
  • Apptivo CRM helps you in having detailed information about your customers and leads by managing contracts and integrating all their information in a single place that enables you to easily predict their concerns.
  • Using Apptivo CRM, your reps are equipped with the information of the existing contacts at a click making it easier for them to suggest personalized solutions.
  • Apptivo features a lot of other products that can benefit the customers while integrating with the main Apptivo CRM application, hence, giving them more value with a product.
  • Apptivo gives you access to integrated accounting, customer service, and marketing applications so that you can provide the best to your customers while eliminating the silo in your organization.

Benefits of selling the solution

Selling a solution can reap a lot of benefits for your organization as it leads your business to witness an increase in your conversion rates and eventually see your customer satisfaction rates rise too. It is because selling solutions enable the delivery of personalized experiences according to the needs of the people and lets you establish genuine connections with your customers. When it comes to personalization and a good relationship with your customers, you can be assured of your sales going high. Also, personalized solutions include support throughout the sales process and making it a great experience for your customers. Therefore, selling solutions is better than selling a particular product with promises attached. At least, you would be catering to the demands of the customers.


Selling a solution might seem like a challenge, but it has an assured success for your brand when operating in the long-term. It reduces the possibility of any problem to be faced by your prospects when selling a product. Hence, selling the complete solution is a better way to grow, and with Apptivo CRM Software you can make it the best.

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