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With a steady rise in the number of businesses, the trend is changing with the focus shifted to small and medium businesses. This pragmatic shift has turned the spotlight to entrepreneurs who are more “Business Ready” than ever to take over projects. Businesses are looking for a one-stop cloud application offering CRM, Invoicing, and Project Management software, that is all-in-one. In this competitive ecosystem, the fittest will survive while the doors are closed for others in the business.

One of the most significant factors essential for the success of a business is the completion of the projects before the targeted date. An integrated CRM and Project Management system is encouraged for the efficient planning, tracking, and management of the projects. Customers prefer businesses that communicate on the status of the project regularly and Apptivo is an interactive cloud software offering CRM and Project Management in an integrated platform.

Why Milestones?

Milestones are scheduling tools used to track the progress of the projects at an optimized level. They can be used to mark the major phases of the project with an appropriate timeline. Conventionally, tasks are used to split the projects and track the projects until the completion. While this is a commonly used method, it becomes tedious if there are too many tasks.

Adding Milestones in project management will create the additional edge needed to outshine in comparison to other competitors. The Projects App of Apptivo is a carefully established application that goes along with any business. Milestones of Apptivo is a state-of-art powerhouse designed to offer the highest level of productivity to businesses.

Smooth Allocation of Resources

Using Apptivo’s Milestones, Project Managers can quickly organize the projects. They can easily assign the milestones to employees and allocate the resources for the projects on budget. Having Milestones will enable the teams to identify the bottlenecks and prioritize their tasks. A collaborative workspace is made possible with Apptivo’s Project Management software.


Identification of Critical Dates

Milestones in the Projects App permits users to effortlessly track the important dates associated with a project. Businesses can work without friction with the knowledge of important dates and carry out their tasks with minimum stress. The application of Milestones will reduce the time used in planning and shifts the man-hours on completion of tasks before the deadlines.


Increased Accountability with Reports

Milestones give broader information to the stakeholders on the performance of the projects. Stakeholders are more interested in knowing the outcome and this can be shown as a report when businesses use Milestones. Research shows customers have an increased affinity to honest businesses. Users can accurately generate reports based on Milestones with Apptivo’s built-in reports and showcase it to the customers.


Milestone Payments

The Milestone billing method provides comprehensive information on the payments to be made and collected based on the milestones. Once a milestone is completed, the fee can be charged and revenue can be identified without any hassle. It will also help to forecast the fee and revenue for the forthcoming milestones. All the stakeholders of the project can track and compare the pricing involved in different milestones associated with a project.


Boost Your Team Morale

A study has shown that there is a 13% increase in productivity when the employees are happy and satisfied. This sense of satisfaction is created by Milestones. As employees complete each milestone and report their success, they are motivated to work harder and increase the success rates. The Gantt Charts of Apptivo is one of the best project monitoring features displaying precise data on Milestones with advanced dashboard facility.

Team Morale

Key to Progress

Implementing milestones in projects will certainly assist your business in accelerating team management. With its application, you can comfortably schedule your projects and offer timely delivery of projects to your customers. Without a doubt, Apptivo’s Project Management software will create an integrated, productive environment for your business.

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