To ensure “Task Sync” works properly, we should ensure that Data Access is enabled in G Suite and “Tasks Sync” is enabled in Apptivo. Let us see how to enable these two:

Enabling Data Access in G Suite

  1. Login to your G Suite account and make sure you are logged in with a Super Admin account.
  2. Go to “Admin Console” page and click on “Marketplace Apps”.
  3. In Dashboard, click on Apptivo contact sharing app, you can view the settings dashboard as shown in the image below:
  4. Data access is an important checkpoint to ensure your synchronization works properly in both Apptivo  and Google.
  5. If you had revoked this access before, you required to select Grant data access to start synchronizing.

Enabling App Access in G Suite

We need to ensure whether the app access is given to everyone or not. You can check this setting in “Apptivo Apps” setting. The app should be visible to all.

You can view the App access setting as shown in the image below:

Access Apptivo from additional setup

  1. Click on “Settings” and navigate “Go to Apptivo for setup” link in “Additional Settings” as shown in the below image.
    Additional setup

Enabling Tasks Sync in Apptivo

    1. Login to your Apptivo account.
    2. Navigate to top right, click on Business Settings under account
    3. Click on “Sync Services” and slide toggle button to green state of “Tasks Sync”.

    That’s it you’re done, all your tasks will sync in Apptivo to Google tasks and Google to Apptivo tasks.

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