Additional Employees

Adding Employees to Apptivo

Follow the instructions below to setup your employees

Setup Instructions

  1. After you’ve set up Apptivo, you can go back to G Suite “Manage this Domain” configure your employees.
  2. manage this domain

  3. Select which users you would like to share contacts with. Go to  if you have already added your employee’s in Apptivo. Do not forget to save the user access settings.
  4. select users

  5. Access Apptivo Employees app Import any new employees if you have any. Otherwise, check appropriate boxes for each employees permission. G Suite Sync Enabled must always be checked in order for that employee to share contacts.

    import employees

    • Super User – Users have access to all contacts and apps in Apptivo.
    • Add/Edit Contacts – Users can add or edit all contacts.
    • View Contacts – Users can only view but cannot edit or delete contacts