Customer Relationship Management Apps

CRM apps integrates with other applications such as financials, Inventory management, etc and also integrates with Google. It covers everything from calendar events to mobile access and synchronization capabilities. It allows you to store specific contact information for a contact, lead or customer. It will navigate quickly and will make easy to view information using “Convert” feature.


The sales process begins once a sales lead is identified, qualified and placed into a company’s sales pipeline.
The lead’s contact information is used to make outbound sales calls, send sales e-mails and provide direct marketing material.
The quality of the sales lead depends on whether the individual or business was motivated to provide its contact information.


There are the account information(customer), those who consumes a item or product are named as customers. Business Entities or Accounts are considered as customers.


If the lead information are satisfied with what you expect? this can be converted to contact with the same lead information. You can create, import contact information in Contacts App.
Individuals who work for those customers or Business Entities are called contacts.


Opportunities App allows you to easily keep track sales opportunities and organize your efforts to close deals. The opportunity is the second phase of the sales stage, being converted from a lead, and can be converted to an Order once a deal is reached.


The cases application is a central location used to manage problems or issues that your customers incur. You are able to document the details of their problem, and manage all of the activities related to the resolution of the issue, and the notification of the customer once the issue has been resolved.