Cases App Documentation


Cases App manages all problems or issues that your customer incurs. You are able to document the details of their customer problem. Sometimes customers feature requests are also logged here for developing future product or service enhancements.

SLA – Service level agreement

Service level agreement is a service contract where the service is formally defined. You can define your own SLA’s by customizing cases settings. SLA also allows you create events for the customer cases. This also helps employee to follow up customers with workflow rules.


Cases App doesn’t support your business with cases; it comes with many other apps to run your business. All apps are deeply integrated which communicate with one another. Any customer cases can be created as projects and/ or work orders.


  • Entering data in the case creation page
  • Capturing cases from Email
  • Cases API
  • Associate Case with Other Records
  • Generate reports to keep track of records
  • Converting cases into projects
  • Converting cases into work orders
  • Service level agreement
  • Assigning cases to a concerned manager using the SLA events.