Apptivo APIs can be used integrate your in-house application and Apptivo. The Apptivo API is an HTTP-based programming interface that allows developers to interact with the Apptivo platform to extend and enhance its functionality. The API allows for any application to both read and write in your Apptivo firm. It is RESTful and uses JSON(JavaScript Object Notation) as the exchange format. SSL is mandatory and used for all communication.

API calls integration

What can it do?


  • RESTful APIs: The REST architecture allows you to test them using almost any programming language
  • API call limit: Up to 20,000 requests/user/day

With Apptivo API, you can:

  • Read/Write
  • Customize the app to integrate with your app
  • Get Starter Guide to kickstart your integration process


FAQ & User Guide

Link: Developer API Guide