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Expense Reports

A hassle free Expense Report software with simple approving process. Achieve better visibility, accurate financial statements, reimburse faster, customizable approval flows, automatic accounting rules, integrate and export expense reports in QuickBooks IIF.,

Application Features

Eliminate the costly process of reimbursing employees, and reimburse your employees for approved expenses easily and securely using the Apptivo Expense Reporting application.

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You can easily connect various bank accounts to the Apptivo Expense Reports App. Sync all your transactions from your bank accounts, anytime and effectively include these transactions within the Apptivo Expenses, ensuring accuracy.

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Expense approvals are made easier. Once an expense is submitted, it instantly routes it to the approver based on the criteria defined. Single or multi-level approvals can be set, and you can create as many approval flows as you require..

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automated accounting

Automated Accounting Rules

Connect all your expenses directly to the Apptivo’s Ledger application, instantly. You can have different accounting rules, based on which a journal gets created in the Ledger, automatically.

view employee expenses

View Employee’s Expenses

Have a view of the expenses submitted by your employees and waiting for your approval, in one place altogether. This view can be used to filter the records accordingly.

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A painless way to generate reports of your expenses. Apptivo offers a set of standard reports, allowing you to view the expense reports by activities, customer, employee, supplier, project, status, and so on.

highly customizable expense reports

Highly Customizable

Flexibility and customization is the core of what we offer. Add any number of custom fields and sections, show/hide the standard fields given, create and save custom views, create reports by saving the search results, and much more.

Integrated Applications

Expense Reports App integrates seamlessly with the following applications

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With Apptivo Expense Reporting, take control of the expenses of your projects too, in a single system. You and your team will never have to switch between applications to create expenses for a project. Learn More about Projects App

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