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Receiving App plays a noteworthy part in your Inventory Management system where you can generate a receipt for the orders which needs to be collected from the Warehouse to get shipped.

Application Features

Once your Customer place a order, get the accessible items from the supplier and generate a receipt for those items to Supplier.

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Include various warehouses and furthermore control the stream of stock between your store and warehouse, situated at various areas with a solitary app.


Always get notified of whenever a receipt is created in News Feed of your App irrespective of who ever creates the receipt. Customize to get notified through email too.

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generate receipt warehouse code

Generate Receipt - Warehouse Code

Customize your app to automatically generate your transaction number and the warehouse code number whenever creating a receipt for your transactions.

Integrated Applications

Receiving App integrates seamlessly with the following applications

Receiving     Suppliers

Having integrated with the Suppliers App, you can associate the required supplier record while creating receipts, specifying from whom you have purchased the items. Learn More about Suppliers App

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