A prospect is likely to be excited about the opportunity that the sales team is offering and they also kind of encourage them to take steps to move along the funnel, which is ultimately a good sales pitch.

Sales team should use the sales pitch as a compelling story for every client. A sales pitch can be a presentation of facts, data, and key results. It is truly evident that you can close more deals after the sales pitch. There are many different ways to craft a sales pitch that might have a positive impact on the growth of the company.

What is a sales pitch?

A sales pitch is considered a short sales presentation about the company’s offerings to the prospects in order to help them move toward the purchase. The sales pitch varies from company to company. The sales pitch can take up to 10-20 minutes, differing in length and style based on the audience, and also includes introducing a set of documents and data about the company and its brand.

The company must realize that about 2-5 minutes will be enough for a good sales pitch in order to explain the benefits of the product and to hold the customer’s attention. You can explain how the product solves their problem and would enhance their life in a better way.

What are the types of sales pitches?

There are different types of sales pitches templates that every salesperson should know:

Elevator sales pitch:

As the name indicates, the sales pitch should be like an elevator ride. The elevator sales pitch explains the product in an accurate and concise manner. You can elaborate on the product offering in less than 5 minutes in a clear way. Elevator sales pitches help differentiate the company from that of the competitors. The purpose and the benefits of the company’s product can be described within a short span of time. Elevator sales pitch lets you identify the prospect’s problem and offers solutions leading them to CTA. The trick behind the elevator pitch is to instill interest in the product in the prospect’s mind.

One-line sales pitch:

The one-line sales pitch is a catchy one-line sentence that is way more effective and strong to grab the attention of the prospects. This is not the same as a tagline or a vision statement. This one-liner statement should mention the challenges that the prospects are facing and how your product is going to solve in an effective way. You need to find the perfect blend of words to form an overpowering phrase which would interest the prospects in an outstanding way.

Cold call pitch

A cold call is where you make first time calls with the prospects to talk about your brand and offering. A good cold call is likely to evoke the interest of the people and build in more excitement to know more about the product. Cold calls are a great way to engage the prospects in order to move them along the buying journey. You can furnish all the necessary details about the product needed by the prospect. You need to be cautious while making cold calls as it might sometimes annoy the prospect.

Email pitch

Email is a great sales pitching technique if done right. You can personalize the subject line and the content which would work best and is considered as one of the best sales pitching techniques. Sales pitch emails are an excellent way to attract the prospects towards the product. Through emails, the company can elaborate about the product in a clear and concise manner. Also one has to keep in mind that the emails are to be kept short. The length of the email decides whether the prospect will read the email or not. Effective subject lines are proof that your prospect will read the message. You need to pack the entire emotions about the offering within the mails.

Product video sales pitch

A video sales pitch is a video that is sent which depicts the product or service details and how it would benefit the prospects. You can use a sales pitch script and convert it into a video which is highly interactive and captivating. A video is way more effective than a message. You need to take into consideration all the key aspects while making a video. A prospect will get interested to see the video, rather than read the message. Always tie the video to a particular concept, maintain the length and speak naturally in order for the receivers to understand the message. You can also customize and personalize the videos which would definitely interest the audience.

Effective ways to design a sales pitch

  • Keep the sales pitch short.
  • Make your point clear.
  • Explain about your offering.
  • Tell them about your customers.
  • Get to know the problem they are facing.
  • Showcase them the success they are going to relish after using your product.

Five tested and proven sales pitch Examples

The sales pitcher should have a proper framework to shape the narrative which paves the way to connect with the audience in a deeper way. There are different scenarios where you can chart out the sales pitch techniques and ideas.

1.Cold calling sales pitch example

You can’t take an entire presentation while cold calling. You need to be concise and clear in your message and should outline the purpose of the call with a compelling opener which would make them stay on the call.

(Here’s a simple phone call script from John, sales manager at Apptivo Inc)

“Hi. This is John from Apptivo. We are a powerful suite of software solutions that help you run your business in a smooth way. We offer functionalities that streamline all your business processes. Is that something your business needs right now?”

2.Email Outreach example

Just like cold calls, you need to keep your emails short and succinct. As per research it is better to maintain the email length between 50-125 words. Also, a short form email is found to be more effective and attractive than a long form email.

(Here’s a simple example of an email outreach)

Sub: Skyrocket your sales NOW!

Hi there, (Name)

Congratulations on your new venture. We believe that growth is going to be your top most priority for you now, so thought this might interest you. We empower the SAAS companies like yours to move away from traditional ways of selling to activity based selling. Using our CRM system, we have seen many salesmen generate results based on the activity selling. I would quickly call and explain to you sometime over the next week or so, are you interested to hear more?

Thanks and Regards,
CRM manager.

3.Social media selling example

Buyers are all over social media. It is very important for the company to invest its time in social selling. These are the perfect platforms where you can tell your narrative and create a positive connection with the customers. You can outreach in social media using LinkedIn Invite, Linkedin Message and Tweets. You need to be way more creative while presenting the pitch.

(Here’s a simple example of linkedin Message to a prospect)

“ Hi paul. Congrats on your new business. We wish you the best in all your endeavors. We have helped many businesses increase their sales numbers, automate mundane tasks and generate results. Thought you might be interested to hear more about how this is possible. – Jeni”

4.Two sentence sales pitch example

Two sentence sales pitch is one of the irresistible sales pitches where you can frame just two powerful sentences to generate results.

(Here’s a example of a two liner sales pitch)

“ Hey there ! we can lower your marketing dollars in an unimaginable way . Let me know who to talk to.”

5.Elevator sales pitch example

The elevator sales pitch is mostly presented during networking events or while meeting someone in the industry. It is like a short elevator ride of course. You need to share your solution within 30 secs to 1 minute. You have to differentiate why your solution is better in the market.

(Here’s an example of an Elevator sales pitch)

“Hi there. Our tools help you automate your tasks, increase your productivity and manage customer interactions.” If you are curious, I can explain more.

This compelling message demonstrates the value of the product and how it is going to ease out other’s problems and bring about positive outcomes.

Final thoughts

Crafting an effective sales pitch will pack your sales pipeline with quality leads. You need to present the right information, at the right time to the right audience. Maintain the sales pitch structure which obviously includes the problem, the solution, the value proposition, the social proof and an engaging CTA. Set the right tone for your pitch which will interest the prospects to listen further. Your aim should not only keep the prospects engaged, but also persuade them to join the buying journey. Use different elements to chart out the sales pitch that would grab their attention to pause and listen.

“A good sales pitch will make your prospect realize why they need you for their business.”

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