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Mobile devices are currently the most important tool for accessing data from anywhere at any time. Apptivo’s Android mobile app is loaded with great features and outstanding services. We, at Apptivo, focus on optimizing current apps and continuously introducing new features to enhance user experience. On that note, we are excited to announce the latest update in our Android All-In-One Mobile App: v6.2 in order to provide the best quality assurance.

Apptivo – All-In-One Android App Updates – v6.2

  • Intelligence Dashboards in Opportunities App
  • Supported 360-Degree View
  • Mobile List Layout in Work Orders and Suppliers App

Intelligence Dashboards in Opportunities App

Apptivo Opportunities App has an insightful dashboard that enables you to keep track of your business performance in relation to opportunities. In order to monitor their performances efficiently through the dashboard, we have implemented this intelligence dashboard in your Android application. You can monitor the performance through column charts, stacked column charts, bar charts, stacked bar charts, and pie charts. This helps you to track your employee’s performance and business growth effectively in real-time. Read more.

Intelligence Dashboards in Opportunities app

Supported 360-Degree View

The Apptivo 360-degree view is primarily used to view the association of the current record with records present in other applications. We have launched this 360-degree view in Work Orders, Estimates, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Receiving, Expense Reports, and Custom apps in your Android platform. Now from the 360-degree view tab, users can view the corresponding standard application info effortlessly. The 360-degree view can be customized to view the default app from the web version. Read more.

Supported 360-degree View

Mobile List Layout in Work Orders and Suppliers App

Apptivo List Layout feature allows users to display the records with the desired fields in the table view. The recent upgrade has enabled the businesses to view and customize the list layout of Apptivo’s mobile platform in the Work Orders and Suppliers app. In addition, now the users can set up the list layout for the mobile application that can be created or customized from the web version of Apptivo. You can conveniently access the generated view from your Android mobile application.

Mobile List Layout in Work orders and Suppliers App

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