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Welcome to Windows All-In-One app update of Apptivo with a few changes that will ease your regular routine! Imagine, what if one application is offering you a collection of four primary business applications in a single system! Yes, we at Apptivo have the strongest system in all other possible software applications. Now, we’ve updated our Windows app to version

Apptivo – All-In-One Windows App Updates – v6.4.9.0

  • Restrictions Based On Revised Pricing Plans

  • Enabled Two Factor Authentication

Restrictions Based On Revised Pricing Plans

The pricing structure of Apptivo was fundamentally altered on 1 January 2021. We also adopted a new pricing structure with revised plans, new features, and new limits to optimize the customer experience. There have been major improvements to the Starter Plan. A new plan called plan Lite has been introduced. The revised package contains more restrictions that limit you from accessing your new Apptivo’s features and applications on the Starter and Lite plans. For paid users, the new pricing structure does not alter the current payment schedule. These enhancements and limitations were also added in this update of Windows. Click here for the latest more details on the new pricing and sign up through WEB.

Removed BETA Labels

Enabled Two Factor Authentication

Apptivo is one of the best-secured CRM software. We offer greater priority to security since we handle a lot of customers. In order to add an extra protection layer, we have strengthened the security of our Apptivo account with Two Factor Authentication. It offers extra security, which makes entry to the accounts considerably impossible for unauthorized users. Simply enable the Two Factor Authentication from the Business Settings in the WEB version and get the verification code sent to your registered email address. That will become the initial step for the verification while logging through your Apptivo Windows application. This will enable Two-factor authentication across all other applications including WEB, Android, iOS, and Windows as well. Read more.

Removed BETA Labels

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