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Mobile applications play an important role in improving the accessibility of information related to customers. With Apptivo’s Android application, businesses can strengthen their processes and interact with their customers from anywhere. Apptivo has always strived to improve the existing features and launch new features regularly to enhance the user experience. In this update, we have focused on boosting the existing features based on customer feedback and repetitive quality assurance.

Apptivo – All-In-One Android App Updates – v6.1.4

  • Bill of Materials in Estimates, Invoice, and Work Orders App
  • Upload files from the File Manager

Bill of Materials in Estimates, Invoice, and Work Orders App

Bill of Materials helps to improve the accuracy of your item information and help your team to easily retrieve the required details. This is a great option to streamline your business. This Bill of Materials feature is now supported in the Estimates, Invoice, and Work Orders App of Apptivo’s Android application. You can now effortlessly create estimates, invoices, and work orders in your Android application with the Bill of Materials information present in the Items App. Read more.

Bill of Materials

Upload files from the File Manager

Prior to this update, you can upload files only from the file manager provided by Apptivo. We have now upgraded this facility to the next level by enabling businesses to easily upload files from their native file manager available on their Android device. When users upload a file from their mobile phone, they will be automatically redirected to their file manager to take further action. Businesses can access their native file manager only when the app access is granted to the device’s storage. Read more.

File Manager

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