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Apptivo has released the latest product updates for its iOS platform. The iOS application of Apptivo aims at bringing your business at your fingertips. Here, you can easily retrieve the required data and perform the necessary actions through the Apptivo application. The different applications offered lets you handle the different departments of your business effectively with top-graded collaboration. Let’s go through the latest upgrades carried out in your iOS application.

Apptivo – All-In-One iOS App Updates – v6.2.8

  • Header and Line Level Pricing in Work Orders App
  • Add Notes for Classes and Choices
  • Mobile List Layout in Work Orders and Suppliers App
  • Grid View in Documents Tab
  • Default Value for Currency Attribute

Header and Line Level Pricing in Work Orders App

The Work Orders App of Apptivo enables businesses to quickly manage and track the man-hours to address customer problems. This ensures efficient dispatch of resources at the right time without any delay. The presence of the Pricing field in Work Orders allows you to add the pricing created from the Pricing App. So, you can offer dynamic and pre-defined pricing to work orders depending on the requirement. With this update, you can now manage the pricing field at both the Header and Line Level of the overview page of the Work Orders App on the iOS platform. Read more.

Pricing Levels

Add Notes for Classes and Choices

The Items App of Apptivo can be used to add configurable items by including the Classes and Choices in the Bill Of Materials. While adding the Classes and Choices, you can also document the related information in the Description field. This information will now be available as a note when a configurable item is selected in the Bill of Materials table of the Estimates, Invoice, and Work Orders App of the iOS application. In addition, you can also manually add a note for each class and choice selected for an item during the creation of an estimate, invoice, or work order. Read more.

Add Notes

Mobile List Layout in Work Orders and Suppliers App

The List Layout feature of Apptivo allows you to view the work orders and supplier information with the desired column set in any view. The newest update has supported the ability to view the created or personalized list layouts in Apptivo’s iOS platform. Moving forward, you can set up the list layout from the web version of the Work Orders and Suppliers App and have them replicated in the corresponding apps of the Apptivo iOS platform. This includes the Default Fields and Long Press Details Fields. Based on the configuration, the fields will be displayed on the Work Orders App and Suppliers App of iOS devices.

Mobile List Layout

Grid View in Documents Tab

Grid View is an effective tool for easy identification and differentiation of documents. It is a great option to visually represent the documents. The iOS app of Apptivo now allows you to view your documents in the Grid View. This applies to the Documents tab available in each record across different applications in the iOS platform. Henceforth, you can view your documents as thumbnails. Additionally, you can simply click on a document in the Grid View to have a preview of it effortlessly. Read more.

Grid View

Default Value for Currency Attribute

The Master Layout provided in each application of Apptivo’s web version enables users to customize the fields used according to their business purpose. Along with customizing the existing fields, you can also add new fields. This includes adding a Currency attribute and setting up a default value for it using the Inspector tab. The latest update of Apptivo in the iOS platform now supports the default values configured in the Currency attribute. This visibility applies for both Default and Custom Currency attributes. Read more.

Default Currency

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