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CRM Trends – What to expect in 2021?

As 2021 is moving forward, we are getting ready to witness huge changes in metrics and trends across different markets and industries. However, when it comes to businesses and customer relationships, some huge expectations and predictions are linked with CRM trends in 2021. As it has been previously seen that CRM technology has helped businesses in numerous ways, CRM providers are continuously working on increasing the capabilities related to their solution. Due to the increasing demands of businesses and the relatively shrinking array of solutions to their problems, CRM has become a crucial need of the time. With changing times, there is a possibility of seeing innovations never seen before. We can expect to see new ways of interacting with customers and much more. Let’s take a look at the key CRM trends that are expected to take shape in the coming days.

AI for the Win

Nowadays, AI is the talk of every industry and has gained enough attention to make its way to CRM technology. It is confirmed that AI will become the new CRM trend in 2021. Analysis of different organizations has shown that when integrated with CRM, AI alone is capable of boosting global business revenues by more than a trillion by the end of this year. The worth of AI in the CRM market would be a topic of greater discussion. Hence, AI isn’t just the next major trend, it is the next king too.

Advancements in Conversational Technology

Moving on from AI, next up in the list of trends is another technology that is revolutionizing across industries. Studies have shown that more than 90% of users prefer voice technology over others. The integration of voice technology into different aspects of CRM software would be so beneficial for companies as it would allow them to carry out different business tasks more easily. Hence, in the coming days, we can see more and more CRMs in line with their voice assistants and a set of conversational technology applications.

Integration with IoT

IoT is a huge domain that has excelled across different industries in the past years and would continue to do so in the coming years. But, the corporate world is among those who haven’t leveraged the potential of IoT yet. The coming year is expected to bring huge changes in the adoption of IoT technology as companies would improve the use of data collected by IoT devices to improve customer experience and ultimately foster a great relationship with their customers.

Prime Focus on Customer Experience

One of the major factors that contribute to the success of a company is the customer experience. For a long time, customers have been judging the quality of the business from the experience they have had while dealing with it. So, it is not of surprise that companies would focus mainly on improving the factors that result in affecting their customer experience. They would certainly work on better and more customized customer service to provide the best customer experience.

Importance of Self Service

In the age of Automation, it is important to address the impact of technology on your customers and your relationship with them. Chatbots and conversational AI are the frontiers of new businesses but they don’t effectively serve in some conditions when they aren’t required. So, CRM providers are expected to work on integrating AI solutions in their CRMs so that it allows them to solve their issues by themselves without wasting their valuable time in call queues to the support executives.

Mobile CRM is the New Face

Looking a few years back, the CRM was just a technology confined to office spaces without even reaching digital platforms inside the offices. But as different technologies are advancing, it is expected from CRM software to match the standards of other technologies thereby, bringing the best experience to mobile users. Businesses are encouraging their employees to work remotely and in that condition, a Mobile CRM experience is necessary for them to have a great working option. Hence, Mobile CRM is the latest trend to look forward to.

Integration with Social Media

The integration of CRM with social media is expected to be of great benefit for various businesses. It is the most anticipated trend in the CRM industry as businesses would be able to gain valuable insights on their customers from the data being made available to them from social media. Analyzing the data on their social media platforms and leveraging it would lead them to create better customer relationships. It would also allow them to link and interact with their potential customers and stakeholders aside from business terms to have a better connection with them.

Understanding the new generation

As the world is moving forward, we’re entering into a newer generation where people at all levels of industries, markets, and networks are focused on new mindsets and working practices. So, CRM providers must account for changing trends in the corporate communities and software users. Also, they need to work on better analytics so that the users get access to better customer information as well as valuable insights on future trends.

These are the key CRM trends to look for in 2021 as we are witnessing huge changes in different aspects of markets and industries because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, the new trends are likely to remain for a long time now and it would be great for companies who account for the same.


CRM Software has been a great tool for corporates for some time now and in the coming time, it is set to become better as new trends would bring more changes in the dynamics of the industry. Our native CRM Software, Apptivo has already launched most of them and will continue to do so with the advancements in technology. Further growth in customers and integration with different technologies would surely be beneficial for future industries.

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