This post will explain how to install the Apptivo Contact Sharing app from the G Suite marketplace, then enable it to sync contacts within your firm.

This sequence will allow all contacts to be shared with all employees at once. If you require advanced level permissions, where certain contacts are restricted for some employees, you’ll find a link to instructions at the bottom of this page.

Installing & Configuring the App

  1. Log in to G Suite, and go to the G Suite Marketplace.

    search marketplace

  2. Find the Apptivo Free Shared Contacts : Unlimited Contact Sharing for G Suite app. Then click the “Add it Now” button.

    add app from marketplace

  3. Agree to the terms.

    continue step

  4. Grant data access for user provisioning & contacts.

    continue step 2

  5. Configure the application to be sent over to Apptivo.

    continue step 3

  6. Apptivo will check if you already have an account, if not, you’ll be asked to create a new one.
  7. Click the “Enable Shared Contacts for Google” button

    enable sync

  8. Advanced users can import employees here. Others can click “Skip” and do this later.

    import employees

  9. Now you are sent back to G Suite. Click on the “Configure This Application” link.

    configure app

  10. Click on users to give them access to the app, then save user access settings.

    add users

Contact Sharing is Now Configured in Google

You will now see two new contact groups created in Google. These groups (employees, and contacts) will remain in sync with the contacts app. You may need to wait 5 minutes for all contacts to appear.

contact groups

Next Steps

You will not need to import employees to Apptivo (if you didn’t already), and then configure any security settings desired.

Head back to the main contact sharing guide for the details on these steps.

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