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Contact Center

It is very obvious that when calling any service line, the customer would probably need urgent assistance regarding an issue. And certain issues might be frustrating enough for them and you don’t want to become a reason for their unpleasant experience. That may lead to dissatisfied customers and result in poor reviews for your business and might get them filing lawsuits against your organization. In such conditions, you need to focus on certain things to make your customers feel better and conclusively get satisfied with your support. And here at Apptivo, we’ve got you covered in such situations with our cloud-based complete Contact Center Software that is meant for all sorts of businesses.

Introduction to Apptivo’s Integrated Contact Center Software

Integrated Contact Center Software

To encourage balanced communication between your business and customers, Apptivo has developed an integrated Call Center Solution into its existing CRM application. It provides a dedicated Call Center service for your business that is entirely customizable according to your needs. Apptivo’s Call Center features IVRs, analysis dashboards, text messaging, calls, and many other crucial services for a successful Call Center solution. With our Call Center solution, we provide you the comfort to handle all your customer communication activities collectively and without being bothered.

So with our complete and integrated solution to your Contact Center needs, let us take a look at factors that result in increasing the customer satisfaction scores.

Providing Options

Providing Options

For any customer seeking a solution to an issue, it might not be the best for him to return without one. To this, you have to provide them with a variety of options for consideration when they call you for support. When the customers are given choices in a situation, it becomes easy for them to choose the best. In contrast to this, when customers are left waiting on hold for too long, or their calls have been transferred enough times already, or for the worst, they are left with an unsolved issue, results in dissatisfied customers. But with Apptivo’s Integrated Call Center, you get the benefits of having the customer information right from the CRM database made available to you. Based on this you can deal with the customers and give them choices to solve their issues in the best way possible. It results in less waiting times, fewer transferring of calls, and satisfied customers.

Avoiding Automated Voice Assistants

Avoiding Automated Voice Assistants

The advancements in certain technologies are indeed awesome such as the automated response systems that are used in call centers for attending the calls of customers, but it isn’t always the best option for all companies. It is seen that the majority of callers and support-seeking customers prefer to talk to a person rather than messing around with a virtual system. They are often disappointed with the system not responding accordingly to their needs and always prefer a human representative instead. Counter to this, you can adopt voice recognition systems mainly to sort the calls. You should opt for employing more human representatives for your call service instead of investing in the technology as it doesn’t always reflect a benefit to the business.

Training Your Employees Correctly

Training Your Employees

For a call center, employees mandatorily need to follow certain scripts when attending customer calls. And for a majority of call centers, it is required to stick to a single script irrespective of the situations faced by the customers. But apart from the scripts, employees should be given total freedom to face the situations according to the need. To make your staff able to face the situations in which they need to act according to the need of the situation, they first need to understand your business and the products/services you offer. Therefore, you need to provide additional training to your agents and make them deliver personalized experiences to your customers.

Employing Enough Staff & Maintaining Contact Options

Employing Enough Staff

There may be situations when you get a large number of customer calls but there aren’t enough employees to attend that amount of calls. It results in customers facing excessively long waiting times and a huge load of work. Due to this, it is needed that you employ the right number of staff members required as per your business requirements.

The next thing is the availability of multiple channels to carry out communication. You need to have a range of contact channels available to your customers so they don’t find themselves isolated in certain conditions when a specific communication channel isn’t available. To these situations, Apptivo’s Call Center Solution gives you the right features needed to tackle these kinds of situations. We have several contact channels in our Contact Center that give the customers a wide range of options to contact you. It gives you access to a detailed reporting system as well as a complete dashboard that informs about any unattended calls, text messages, emails, etc. Therefore, with Apptivo, your business won’t miss any customers.

Having an Integrated HelpDesk Software

Having an Integrated HelpDesk Software

For your call center employees, keeping track of calls and maintaining records of customer communication channels is essential. It helps in ensuring that none of your customers are left on hold or waiting for a reply from you. This whole array of activities may seem like a huge burden for your call center staff. But with Apptivo, you aren’t left behind in this too. Apptivo gives you access to its integrated HelpDesk software along with its CRM and Call Center applications. It eventually helps in improving your customer service and your overall business workflow.


While working with Apptivo, you aren’t left behind in any aspect as we provide you with all the necessary tools required to cater to your business needs. May it be maintaining customer relations, providing support, or attending calls, we got you covered all around. So, why keep your customers waiting anymore? Integrate your business with Apptivo’s Contact Center Solution and get the utmost satisfaction from your customers.

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