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What is Mobile CRM and why is it important?

In our daily lives, mobile phones have become a necessity. Everything you can do with your smartphone, from office work to household management, is at your fingertips. Because of the increased usability of smartphones, a new concept has emerged for sales and marketing called Mobile CRM. Many businesses have found this feature to be beneficial in maintaining client relationships and providing a better sales and operations experience. Mobile CRM application brings the capabilities of the CRM & Best Project Management Apps to your fingertips. It helps in the management and tracking of client transactions, communications, and interactions with the company. So, in this blog, let’s explore what is Mobile CRM and why it is important for modern businesses.

What is Mobile CRM?

The global migration of internet users from desktop PCs to mobile devices has had an impact on how you conduct business. Customers and users alike expect information to be available and updated in real-time, rather than needing to go to the office or use their desktops for that.

The emergence of the Mobile CRM solution not only provides your employees with the benefits of data access and online project management tools on mobile devices but also would serve as a platform to build your entire mobile strategy on. A sales team leveraging mobile CRM benefits not only has more flexibility and autonomy, but also has a proven track record of increasing sales, increasing productivity, and increasing revenue from existing clients. In addition to providing your sales team with the data they need to close more deals, the best mobile CRM app brings the capabilities of a CRM solution such as online project management tools, invoicing apps, contract management, etc. to their mobile device. So, here are the main reasons why a Mobile CRM is important for businesses and what are the advantages of Mobile CRM.

More sales for your business

The best mobile CRM will, first and foremost, increase revenue. While in the field, giving your sales rep instant access to their account history, product stats, pricing, and promotional materials can help them close more deals and improve the overall deal value. Sales reps don’t waste time looking up contact details or sifting through notes to recall their last meeting or interaction with a prospect because Apptivo’s mobile CRM solution brings all that information to their phone. This clears the clutter and makes it easier to build real relationships and, as a result, close more deals.

Improved productivity

By leveraging core technologies on smartphones and tablets, a mobile CRM app like Apptivo opens the floodgates for optimizing efficiency. Having your calendar and contact applications integrated into your CRM can save you a lot of time for sales reps. If a meeting is scheduled, the sales rep not only gets a notification on his mobile but also sees the prospect’s contact details and recent notes without having to switch between apps. Also, with a mobile project management solution in their hand, your managers can manage project tasks remotely. Furthermore, sales reps can refine their route planning and make more client touches than they might otherwise by displaying their weekly agenda in a simplified layout.

Better data collection

Collecting useful data is also made easier with Apptivo’s Mobile CRM features. It gives you insights into what’s going on in the field and how to distribute resources most effectively. The ability with sales reps to use the CRM in the field for updating contacts, taking input notes, requesting information, or sending a proposal ensures that the management still has access to the most up-to-date customer data, hence, improving the return on investment and resulting in better data collection via mobile app.

Flexibility to choose from multiple devices & platforms

The majority of sales teams include a desktop computer, laptop, and smartphone in their working platform. In addition to their laptops, some people may also have a tablet and a smartphone. Apptivo’s system is designed to work with all of those devices, including screen sizes and data synchronization. This makes it easier to transition on and off the field for the sales reps while giving them complete flexibility to choose the device they like to work with.

Shortened sales cycles

Apptivo’s mobile app enables salespeople to close deals with fewer interactions, allowing them to get back to prospecting and working on new opportunities faster. Although this is an advantage that can contribute to higher earnings, there is one caveat. Fewer interactions can deprive the customer of more “personal” time, making them feel less valuable. As a result, make sure the sales staff compensates by entering relevant customer information into the CRM. Knowing more about the customer will make them feel more important.

Gaining competitive advantage

Apptivo’s mobile platform allows your sales teams to update your CRM in real-time on-site, letting them gain a strategic advantage over your competitors. They can make notes and even automate workflow updates like client approvals. This makes your business more responsive and sensitive to customer preferences and provides more of a personal feel to customers. This makes them choose your brand over others, hence giving you a competitive advantage in the market.

Better customer service

It’s no coincidence that sales and customer service are often listed together. The sale isn’t over until a deal has been closed. The main aim is to gain loyal customers who are constantly attracted by the level of customer service, value, and dedication provided by your company. As a result, sales and customer service must be on the same page and have access to the same information. By implementing the best CRM app like Apptivo, you will be able to locate and respond to queries and concerns of your current and future customers, hence providing better customer service.


All of these advantages contribute to a good sales and support staff, as well as a more informed company when it comes to customer service. Your customers are everywhere, and as mobile reach and usage continue to grow, Apptivo allows you to be there too.

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