Performance Dashboards

Campaign Dashboard

After the campaign has been launched, you can monitor the campaign dashboard and see exactly how your campaign is performing. Using this, you can track the number of emails sent, received, opened and clicked, along with the timing each occurred.

  • Firstly, you will add the target list into the campaign. This allows you to launch campaign in bulk to the target size. Target List may contain the records with the combination of leads, contacts and customers.
  • Once you launch the target list, the system will automatically send a campaign email with the template we used at the time of creation. Now, you can view the following in the dashboard:
    1. Number of emails sent
    2. Number of emails delivered
    3. Number of emails opened

Additionally, there is a different section for blocked and bounced percentage.

  • BLOCKED – This displays the count of users who have blocked the sender’s mail.
  • UNSUB – This displays the count of users who have unsubscribed the campaign mails, using the unsubscribe link.
  • BOUNCED – This displays the count of users, whose mail address is invalid.
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