Integration with cases

Once the project is created, scope is the important feature to view to enhance the project. Under scope you’ve cases and requirements. The cases support the project for future enhancement. The cases created here will be automatically updated in the Cases App. You can also fetch the existing cases. The assigned employee would follow up the cases for better result.

Integration with timesheets

The project created can be converted to timesheet for tracking hours for the project tasks. If the project holds the task then it allows converting otherwise it will alert you by pop.

Integration with employees

  • Assign clients, project and tasks
  • Manage and store information about the employees
  • Assign an employee to be in charge of a specific customer

Integration with customers

  • Manage and stores information
  • Creates team on customer contacts

Integration with invoices

The project can be converted to invoices. If the tasks are marked as billable then you can convert the selected project to invoice otherwise it will alert you to complete the task and also mark as billable.

Integration with team

  • Communication between employees
  • Communication between customers
  • Enable better collaboration

Integration with requirements

Requirement document for standard quality if the need of the project is defined then project can be processed in a standard way.

Integration with contacts

  • Use contacts in projects for team collaboration