Billing Method

Billing method

The billing method of the project can be determined by the project budget.  The project budget feature can be configured from the settings. Projects have finite start and end dates. Any repetitive activity is not a project, so you are allowed to estimate the effort hours for the ongoing work. On the basis of the customer need the project base fee can be
generated, aggregating the estimated cost of individual activities, tally the cost of each task, multiplied by the employee rate and the sum is the project budget.

Project flat fee

This project flat fee fixes the project rate with the hands of the customer. The customer must approve the project base rate.

  • Fixes the customer approved amount

Milestone billing

This type of billing method involves in the project’s milestone base rate. If the project holds one or more milestones then the base rate for each and every milestone will be added to get the project total fee.

  • Based on a milestone base fee in a project

Time and expenses

The “Time and expenses” billing method calculates the project total fee according to the task(s) duration.

  • Based on the tasks involved in the project
  • Based on the worklog duration of a project