Project Creation

Create project

The major part of the project is creating the project once the project is created you can assign the project to the team and tasks to the employee can create the milestone for the project. The project creation involves whether it is created newly or other project or project template.

New project

Creating a new project put forward you to follow the fundamental feature of the app. While creating the new project the project particulars like project name, project duration, status, priority, project base fee, and customer describe the newly created project’s utility.

  • Enter a project name.
  • Set the project duration.
  • Set the status and priority.
  • Type customer name or create new customer
  • Choose a billing method
  • Enter a project base fee
  • Edit a project
  • Generate invoice for a subproject
  • Print as PDF
  • Delete subproject

From project template

Project template is built as a default for future use. You can load your data into the project template at the time of creation. Either you can modify the already existing template using the edit icon or you can create the new one.

  • Creating project from a project template helps to use the attribute values which are involved project template; you can use the same values or can update them.
  • Choose a project template name which is essential.
  • Enter a project name and a small summary about the project in the name of the description.
  • The start and end date for the project would be auto populated or you can set the project duration.

From Another Project

Creating a project from another project is for reusing the same properties of the existing project. You can make use of milestones, tasks, and sub projects from an existing project.

  • Search and Select a project that you would like to choose
  • Enter a project name