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Gain a realistic target management experience. Visualize all your targets and contacts data in one application. Add your leads, contacts, customers, and opportunities into the target list and launch campaigns without chaos.

Application Features

Have control over your target audience. Create and define marketing lists of your contact data, from various apps into a single target list. Collects and lists out all of the contact data in one place.

target list creation

Automatic generation of target lists based on the criteria set. You can create and configure your own custom criteria within the target list, which will fetch all the object records that matches with the condition set and those will be added to the list automatically.

custom automation

Simplest way to send emails. Configure your own predefined email templates, select the template, update it with required text and send better professional emails instantly. You can also include default attributes found in the Targets App.

email templates

comprehensive association

Comprehensive Association

Being a part of our marketing solution, the Targets App and Campaigns App exhibit a seamless connection. Create a campaign, add the target list and launch your campaigns created, in a jiff.

predefined reports

Pre-defined Reports

Generate reports, filter and sort them, and select how you want to export the generated report. Export the target data into excel sheet and gain insight about the current business operations. Results of any search criteria can be saved to create custom reports.

Integrated Applications

Targets App integrates seamlessly with the following applications

Targets     Campaigns

Apptivo Campaigns and Targets App are closely intertwined. In order to launch campaigns, the target list should be added to the campaigns. On adding the target list, the campaign can be successfully launched. Learn More about Campaigns App

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