6 Most Brilliant Features From Apptivo for Effective Task Management

Project managers have a lot of responsibilities to take care of and to be successful, they need to manage different tasks effectively. They need to organize different events such as planning meetings, managing resources, budget planning, analyzing reports, etc. And when the schedule is a busy one, they have to face an overwhelming workload. Therefore, they need an efficient task management system to manage their teams and the concerned work. The issue while choosing the right task management system is that managers don’t know what features to look for and what features will be feasible to them and benefit their business. Further, the availability of hundreds or even thousands of task and project management software in the market makes it hard for project managers to choose one.

In this blog, Apptivo brings to you the 6 most brilliant and essential features that result in effective task management, making your business workflow more streamlined, and reducing your and your employees’ stress. Let us get through the 6 main features that Apptivo brings to you.

Better project planning & task scheduling

While managing a team and their workflow, managers need to plan the role of every employee and have their tasks and responsibilities organized. They have to do this as it helps in avoiding any confusion and misunderstandings while continuing the project. With Apptivo, you get the best planning and monitoring tools that help you in scheduling the tasks and project activities in a better way. Using that, you can schedule deadlines, add new tasks, and notify each member instantly of any updates, making it easier for the teams to get updated on any changes made to the project and tasks. Apart from this, you can also easily organize your projects and make them available to all of your employees across different Apptivo apps.

Better team collaboration

With the Apptivo suite of applications, you get a wide variety of tools for all your needs. Along with several tools available for your business needs, you get the advantage of those applications working with a central system that allows for sharing of information in a single place. It means that sharing of any files related to a project, communicating with team members, tracking the progress of different teams, etc. can be done in a single place that is continuously synchronized with the cloud. All of this helps in better team collaboration as they get access to the same information at the same time and hence, results in very effective task management.

Understandable and easy to use

While adopting a new business software and task management application, project managers aim to make work easier for their team members, but what is the point of doing that if the task management software is itself very difficult to use. But when choosing Apptivo, you don’t have to worry about using complex software and struggling with different options. So, with a variety of features, you also get an application that is easy to understand and use. You can manage all your tasks effectively and assign projects to your teams in just a few clicks. Hence, Apptivo just corresponds to better business functioning and user satisfaction.

Seamless integration with different platforms

Choosing an application that eases your task management processes and makes project organization more effective is important but along with this, Apptivo also brings to you the feature to integrate your processes with third-party applications making your task management and working more effectively. Apptivo apps can be easily integrated with other platforms such as Google Suite, Microsoft Office, and Slack so that you can centralize your business processes while easily transferring data across platforms. Hence, while using Apptivo, you don’t have to work with manual transfer of data from one application to another, it can be done automatically by integrating it with them.

Easier documentation & reporting

While working with applications where you have to enter data manually for documentation purposes, there are higher chances of errors and mistakes. And using different software also isn’t effective for your business as it requires data transfer across different apps. With Apptivo, you don’t have to struggle with that as documentation is made easy by making all the required information and data available in a single place. Apart from documentation, Apptivo tools also make it easier for you to monitor the performance of your business using different reporting options that also let you track the work of your teams.

Automated workflows

Apptivo brings to you the best-automation experience when it comes to managing tasks and projects. Using Apptivo tools, small activities such as entering customer data, updating information in the database, and giving notifications, etc. can easily be automated and save your time on manual work. This makes your task management process more efficient so that your employees can focus more on administrative and business tasks. Automation also helps in ensuring better collaboration among employees by automatically updating and reassigning the information.
A feature-rich task management application is important, but you have to make sure that the app isn’t too overloaded. While it might be enticing to use a platform with all the bells and whistles, the more complex the product is to use, the less likely the team members can choose it. These major features in the Applications help you in streamlining your business functions and effectively managing your task management.


Being introduced to these main features of a task and project management software, you now know to best run your teams and handle the different activities of a project. And with Apptivo, you get software that covers all these features and complements them with an all-in-one suite with all necessary tools. There may not be any perfect tool to do all your tasks but Apptivo is the best you can get.

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