Why Protecting Your Customer’s Information Is Crucial And How To Achieve It?

Posted on 11:07 pm, April 16, 2023 by R P Jagdeeswari

Why Protecting Your Customer's Information Is Crucial And How To Achieve It?

1. Five reasons why protecting your customer’s information is crucial 2. How can customer data protection be done? 3. To wrap up In the last several years there has been a rise in the overall digitization of working and living, which has led to a rise in cybersecurity issues as well. According to research, hackers…

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7 Effective Customer Engagement Strategies You Can Use for Building a Strong Brand

Posted on 1:28 am, March 29, 2023 by R P Jagdeeswari

customer engagement strategies

1. Why is customer engagement important? 2. 7 Customer engagement strategies you should follow this year 3. The final breakdown To have an effective customer engagement strategy, the best thing to do is to encourage your customers to automatically be engaged with your product or service. However, how can you cause this flow to happen…

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How CRM Improve Business Performance

Posted on 8:31 pm, January 19, 2022 by Creative Team

Improve Business Performance

Business can be of any type, but one prime factor that all businesses focus on while boosting the business performance metrics is customer relationship management. Customer Relationship Management is the backbone for efficient business performance management. When your employees develop successful and exemplary relationships with your customers, then it is comfortable to improve the retention…

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Cloud Based Project Management Software

Posted on 5:17 am, October 6, 2020 by Selva

5 Reasons Why Your Business Need a Cloud-Based HelpDesk Software

Cloud-based tools have come as a boon for all business owners. For SMEs, a cloud-based Project Management software is more than just a “good to have” tool, it is a necessity. The Project Management tool comes packed with numerous benefits that will scale your business and help in increasing profits. What is cloud based project…

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What Makes Apptivo a Best CRM System

Posted on 5:58 am, September 17, 2020 by Selva

Feature Image

CRM software plays an important part in most of the businesses across the globe. The traditional method of taking notes, bookkeeping, and managing customer relations on several files offline are now time-consuming. Companies are looking to store all data and stats in a cloud that is easily accessible and retrievable. However, How far are businesses…

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5 Must-Haves in Your SMBs CRM

Posted on 6:22 am, April 2, 2020 by Selva

Feature Image

As an organization, there are many aspects you must be wary of. Selling quality products, offering a wide range of services and having a strong marketing campaign- all are important. But, a decisive factor for small and medium-scale businesses is their ability to build stable connections with their customers. Customer Relationship Softwares provide this service….

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Creating the Right Workflow Strategy in Business Software

Posted on 11:04 am, April 10, 2019 by Todd Miner

whiteboard workflow

When it comes to building out a business software system, we’ll look at the fields and data we capture, the automatic activities to perform, and the reports we want to generate at the end of the day. But… none of this will matter without the users performing their daily activities and inputting into the software….

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What is CRM? Dummies guide to CRM in 2018

Posted on 10:24 pm, May 28, 2018 by Grace Douglus

Hand arrange white letters as CRM

So, you came across the term ”CRM” and you’re not sure what it means or you’re looking to implement CRM software in your organization and you’re not sure what to look for in a CRM software. Well, fear not! This guide is going to explain what is a CRM with example software and more importantly…

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