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Apptivo can certainly offer the application you need, but a few of the apps won’t apply to your type of business.You design and develop landscapes for customers, so I would recommend the following applications for your type of company.

  1. Contacts – Contacts app records the information about those who the customers may refer for having landscape services.
  2. contacts-lb
  3. Leads – Tracks those who are inquiring about the services such as lawn mowing, sod installation, landscape care and landscape architectural services.
  4. Opportunities – Record the details of the potentials who are willing to avail the services offered by your company.
  5. Cases – Logging the issues that arose out against the lawn maintenance, Transportation and gardening tools.
  6. cases-lb

Human Resources

  1. Employees – Keeps a database of Lawn Mower, Edger, Tracker, Transporter and Deliverer.
  2. Teams – Collaborate employees to provide a proper landscape maintenance and services.


  1. Invoices – Send invoices to the landowners against the landscape services provided.
  2. Ledger – Record the financial transaction that includes expenses, profit and cash management.

Also, depending on your business size and organization, you also might be interested in these app categories:

Project Management
Supply Chain

Other Similar Business Types:

The above mentioned apps can also be adapted for the other types of business like,