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The Question:

I run a non profit organization and I’m looking to find a nonprofit crm software that will help me run my business better. I am looking for a donation, fundraising and donor management software solution that would work well for my company. Whether Apptivo can best be used as a donation software for nonprofits, suitable for my business flow since with over 50 different applications, it’s difficult to understand which apps will benefit me.

The Answer:

Apptivo is a donor and non profit management software that helps charities and trusts in maintaining a donor database and taking right appropriate decisions. Being a best non profit software, can certainly offer the applications you need, but a few of the apps won’t apply to your type of business. For a Non-Profit Organization,I would recommend the following applications.

A. CRM App

For any donor database management software, the most essential requirement is to collect and maintain all the donor details in one central place.

  1. Contacts App:
  2. This app let you keep track of the individual or company associated with the customer.

  3. Customers App:
  4. Customers app helps you to record those who gets benefited out of the service you offer.

  5. Leads App:
  6. Tracks those who steps in and enquires about the services you offer.

  7. Opportunities App:
  8. Helps to have a track of those who are interested to provide and utilize the services you offer.

B. Project Management App

  1. Projects:
  2. Projects app let you create and manage the on going projects. Also, helps to track the future projects and its milestones.


C. Marketing Apps

  1. Targets App:
  2. Targets app lets you to segment the customers and potentials whom you want to provide your service for.

  3. Campaigns App:
  4. This lets you focus on the programs that you offer for the targeted people.


Also, depending on your business size and organization, you also might be interested in these app categories:

Human Resources Apps

Human Resources app lets you create a record of employees, manage their roles and responsibilities. Also, it helps to organize your employees in team which is more efficient to manage the tasks assigned to them.

Expense Reports

Maintaining expenses is essential for any ngo management software, as it is required to keep track of all expenses made.

Expense Reports app lets your employees submit their report against the expenses they made and also helps you to track the expenses of the organization which will be helpful to control the spendings unnecessarily.

Other Similar Business Types:

The above mentioned apps can also be adapted for the other types of business like,

Non-Profitable Organization
Not for Profit Organization

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